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Why Study in United Kingdom

The UK has a rich royal heritage of education dating back centuries ago. Ranking among the best universities in the world, students who want to study in the UK will choose universities of international standards.

When you choose to study in the UK you will be placed in universities that boast high levels of academic excellence. Higher studies in the UK come with several positive gains for Indian students. The UK has been the preferred choice for some of the greatest minds in history.

UK has an undisputed reputation for academic excellence and offers a range of outstanding programs to study for Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D.

UK’s education system is one of the best in the World for its quality and standards, which is why you should study in the UK.

So, if you are planning to study abroad in England, there are many things the UK can offer. Here are some of the advantages of studying in the UK

  1. Higher Standard of Education
  2. World’s Top Universities
  3. Requires no GRE/GMAT
  4. Access world-leading research
  5. Affordable Education at a Global Level
  6. Post-study Visa now available for international students
Study in UK Education Consultants in Bangalore, India

As more Indian students choose to study abroad in the UK, there’s a growing demand for foreign education consultants. At Maven Consulting Services, Study Abroad Consultants in Bangalore, we offer a comprehensive range of services that cover everything you need from university applications to visa applications, flights, and accommodation.

Maven Consulting Services is India’s renowned overseas education consulting firm. We offer consultation for international education with a 99.9% success rate. Helping over 10,000+ Indian students study abroad, quality service is at the core of our business.

You can rely on our Study in UK consultants for impartial advice and guidance as you make important decisions for your future.

UK Education System

The UK Education system offers over 10,000 courses in more than 100 disciplines in the fields of Business, Medicine, Engineering, Science, Computer Engineering, and so forth.

Although the UK education system focuses on the theoretical aspects of your degree, students who want to study in the UK will be trained and prepared for the job industry while in university.

When you study abroad in the UK, you can choose from an array of options such as full-time, part-time, or even an evening program. With full-time being the most popular choice.

The education system in the UK gives you a holistic academic experience and will expose you to the international job industry.

Cost of Study in the UK

The cost of studying in the UK varies from university to university. International students pay a higher fee as compared to local students. It is dependent on the status of the university and the city where the university is situated.

On average a student wishing to study abroad in the UK may pay up to £10,000 per year. However, Medical and Engineering Degrees may cost you more.

Students can discuss pricing options with our expert overseas education consultants for a more comprehensive understanding of the cost to study in the UK.

Scholarships to Study in The UK

Students who are interested in studying abroad in the UK can apply for various scholarships to help finance their overseas education. The most popular and prestigious scholarship is the Chevening Scholarship.

This scholarship is awarded to Indian students on the basis of their academic achievements. This scholarship is an all-inclusive scholarship.

The Rhodes Scholarship is awarded to students who choose to further their education at Oxford. Students who want to study for a Ph.D. can apply for the Edinburgh Global Research Fellowship.

While there are over 10 esteemed scholarships to study abroad in the UK, students are advised to contact their friendly abroad education consultants to help them to find a scholarship that best suits their academic needs.

UK Student Visa Requirements

Students who wish to pursue higher studies in the UK must have a valid student visa. The university that you apply to must hold a Tier 4 Sponsor License. Students can apply for a Tier 4 General Student Visa three months before their admission to the university of their choice.

UK Visa is granted on a points-based system. Students must provide a passport, university admission acceptance, a recent photograph, and proof of English language proficiency, financial independence, and academic records.

Study in UK Consultants will help you to ensure that you have all the required documents on hand and will guide you through the application process.

Top Courses to Study in UK

The high level of education in the UK attracts thousands of international students to pursue several courses. The top courses offered in the UK can be found in the disciplines of Engineering, Business and Management, Computer Science, and Aeronautical Engineering.

Other top courses are offered in the fields of Hospitality, Education, English, and Law. The Global MBA course is particularly popular among students who wish to study abroad in the UK.