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Why Study in Dubai

Built on the majestic shores of the attractive Arabian Gulf, known for its pristine beaches and exquisite architecture, Dubai attracts thousands of foreigners every year for work and study. Dubai is one of the world’s most attractive cities and offers a high quality of life.

Dubai has on-offer globally recognized educational institutions and lucrative career opportunities to study abroad aspirants.

The education system in Dubai is of a very high standard, and the government is focusing more on building more universities and top-quality education institutions for the citizens and international students.

One of the more significant reasons for studying abroad in Dubai is that scholarship programs are available by the government and universities for students who can’t afford overseas education in Dubai.

Here are some of the benefits of studying in Dubai:

    1. It is among the top five fastest-growing economies in the world
    2. Multi-cultural study environment being a melting pot of cultures and traditions
    3. Political stability, a cosmopolitan lifestyle, and a safe city to stay and study
    4. Many reputed universities have branches in the UAE
    5. An excellent academic system that stands on a par with western standards
    6. Low cost of studying when compared to other developed countries like USA, UK, and Australia
Education in Dubai

While Dubai attracts thousands of foreign workers, it also offers excellent higher education. A vibrant place of note, Dubai is home to universities with international affiliations. 

Indian students who decide to study in Dubai will have opportunities to study in a multi-cultural environment with state-of-the-art educational facilities.

 Higher education in Dubai includes Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctoral degrees. All courses offered at universities in Dubai are taught in the English language. There are over 60 universities and colleges in Dubai.

Cost to Study in Dubai

Indian students deciding to study abroad in Dubai can expect to pay between 38 000 AED and 75 000 AED for a Bachelor’s Degree. The price range for a Master’s Degree ranges between 35 000 AED and 76 000 AED, while the Ph.D. programs may scale a little higher.

These prices are dependent on the rank of the university, the level, and the stream of study. Student accommodation, food, travel, and other living costs are estimated to cost between 3000 and 5000 AED – this cost is dependent on the student’s lifestyle.

Scholarship to Study in Dubai

There are scholarships available to students who yearn to study in Dubai. Scholarships may cover partial funding or full funding, inclusive of visas and travels. However, to avoid international scholarship scams, students are encouraged to work with a dedicated Dubai Study Abroad Consultant who will help source legit information on scholarships in Dubai.

Top Colleges and Courses in Dubai

The Dubai International Academic City is a free trade zone for tertiary academic institutions in Dubai. Al Ghurair University offers Bachelor’s Degrees at The College of Business Studies, College of Computing, and College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The university also boasts a School of Design.

The University of Dubai is internationally recognized and offers Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Information Systems, and Law. Students often choose to study at government universities as these universities are more cost-effective. Some of the top courses offered in Dubai are Masters in Law and Masters in Business Administration.

Student Visa in Dubai

As an international student, you must have a valid student visa to study in Dubai. Some universities in Dubai will sponsor your visa if you received an unconditional offer and have paid your fees in full. To apply for a student visa, you must ensure that you meet all student visa requirements.

Work closely with an education consultant at Maven Consulting Services to ensure that you have all the necessary documentation. Students must have a valid passport, show proof of tuition fees paid in full or partially, and other important required documents.

Education Consultants to Study in Dubai

Our best overseas education consultancy offers a wide variety of services to help you pursue your dreams of higher education abroad. Maven has all your bases covered, from personalized consultations to expert financial planning advice.

We are experts in overseas education, having helped more than 10,000+ Indians study abroad since 2010.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our services or want to discuss what’s right for you, contact us now for a free study abroad counselling.