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Why Study in Spain

Spain is rich in history and culture and provides the total package for anyone coming to the area from international lands.

Every year thousands of Indian students make Spain their overseas education destination. Loved for the delicious tapas and paella, siestas, and fiestas, Spain is a popular country of choice for Indian students who wish to study abroad.

Studying abroad in Spain is a truly enlightening experience that leaves one filled with new attitudes and concepts about life.

Here are some of the benefits of studying in Spain:

  1. Universities charge low and affordable tuition fees.
  2. Low cost of living compared to other European Cities.
  3. Pristine beaches provide great study locations.
  4. Cypriots provide a great education system second to none.
  5. English is the language of instruction in Cyprus universities.
  6. Laidback and fun educational environment.

Students who are seeking admission to the top universities in Spain can come to us and speak to our foreign education consultants in Bangalore or Chennai.

Education System in Spain

Spain offers high-quality higher education to Indian students. Known for its state-of-the-art technology, well-versed teaching staff, and friendliness towards international students, education in Spain has been well sought after. Higher education is divided into three categories in Spain; namely; Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree.

The academic year begins in October and ends in June. The education system includes both theoretical and practical training at the university. International students are welcome to apply to study at both private and state universities on the condition of passing the required entrance eligibility. All students are assessed on their performance via tests and examinations.

Top 5 Universities in Spain

Spain is home to some of the best universities in the world. In Spain, the top universities are ranked according to the quality of education and the facilities and programs that they offer to both local and international students. The top 5 universities in Spain are:

1. University of Barcelona

2. Autonomous University of Barcelona

3. Pompeu Fabra University

4. Autonomous University of Madrid

5. University of Valencia

Speak to your Study Abroad Consultant for Spain at Maven Consulting Services to help you find the best university most suited to help you achieve your academic goals.

Cost of Studying in Spain

As compared to other countries in the world, the cost of education for Indian students who wish to study in Spain is relatively cheap. Indian students can pay between 700 Euros and 1300 Euros for a Bachelor’s Degree. 

Students who wish to study for a Master’s Degree and Ph.D. can pay between 25 Euros and 40 Euros per credit. These prices may vary according to the subjects and the universities that you choose. Private education will be priced higher than state/public education. 

Speaking to an expert Study in Spain Educational Consultant at Maven Consulting Services will help you find the best pricing according to your budget. Students must also consider the cost of living expenses, inclusive of accommodation, food, and travel.

Scholarships to Study in Spain

To avoid international scholarship scams, Indian students who wish to study abroad should speak to our study abroad consultant to best identify legit scholarships. Scholarships to study in Spain will cover partial tuition or full tuition fees for students. Some scholarships may cover flights, accommodation, and other personal expenses.

Student Visa for Study in Spain

To pursue education in Spain, you must possess a student visa. A long-term student visa allows Indian students to study for longer than 6 months in Spain. This is the most ideal visa for Indian students who choose to study Bachelor’s, Masters, or Doctorate programs in Spain.

Students must show their medical certificate and a certificate declaring that they do not have a criminal record along with the necessary visa application documents. Indian students must complete two Schengen Visa application forms, have a valid passport, and submit photos.

Students must show valid identification, a college acceptance letter, and financial records. Working closely with a Study Abroad Consultant for Spain at Avantez Global Consultants Services will ensure that you understand the application process clearly to avoid any further confusion when applying at the visa center.

Overseas Education Consultants to Study in Spain

Every year hundreds of thousands of international students worldwide, including India, flock to study abroad in the United States of America.

At Avantez Global Consultants, Indian students get assistance with the admission process when they are willing to study abroad in the USA.

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