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Why Study in New Zealand

Boasting the world’s lowest crime rate, New Zealand is one of the safest places for international students. The country places an elevated prominence on excellent quality education. Students who wish to study in New Zealand will live and study in a beautiful country with a welcoming nature.

One of the major benefits of studying in New Zealand is the outstanding approach towards education.

Here are some of the reasons why you should study in New Zealand

  1. Globally Recognised Universities.
  2. Low annual Tuition Fees and Cost of living.
  3. New Zealand follows a British Education Model which focuses on quality.
  4. Minimal Entry requirements for both Undergraduate and Graduate degrees.
  5. A safe and stable country with a nice and simple lifestyle.
  6. New Zealand is a beautiful country with breathtaking landscapes, mountains, lakes, and amazing Bio-diversity.
  7. Great opportunities to work while studying.
New Zealand Education Consultants in Bangalore

Students who plan to study in New Zealand face unique challenges, so we offer tailor-made solutions for them. Our Overseas education consultants in Bangalore will help you with all your needs related to studying abroad in New Zealand.

We offer custom services that guarantee successful admissions. We will make sure you land admission to the university of your choice with our guidance. We will also help you tackle challenges such as financial aid, visas, and student loans.

Education System in New Zealand

The country only has eight universities, and all of their universities are ranked highly in the QS World Ranking of Universities. The universities provide the highest quality of education for students who are willing to study in New Zealand. Universities in New Zealand are highly funded.

In New Zealand, universities’ qualification authority ensures that all universities are registered to accommodate international students.

Degrees obtained at any university in New Zealand are internationally recognized. Students can study from Level 1 until Level 10 – a Ph.D. in a wide range of available courses.

Study in New Zealand Cost

Studying in New Zealand has always proven to be cost-effective for students wishing to study abroad. International students can expect to pay up to NZ$24,000 -35,000 per year.

However, students must consider that each university has a different set of fees for students.

Fees are determined by the ranking of the university and the type of degree you choose. Students wishing to study in New Zealand must consider the varying costs of tuition fees and stay in the country.

Contact us for free consultation to get the best determine costs that suit you.

Top 10 New Zealand Universities & Colleges

There are only eight universities in New Zealand, but they also have highly ranked institutes of technology. The highly ranked ones are as follows:

  1. University of Auckland
  2. University of Otago
  3. University of Canterbury
  4. Victoria University of Wellington
  5. Massey University
  6. University of Waikato
  7. Lincoln University
  8. Auckland University of Technology
  9. Manukau Institute of Technology, Auckland.
  10. Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology