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Why Study in Netherlands

Dutch universities offer world-class education making the Netherlands a popular country for Indian students wishing to study abroad. With all of its courses offered in English, students who choose to study abroad in the Netherlands do not have to know the Dutch language and can use opportunities to pursue learning the language at their own pace.

Indian students in the Netherlands can enjoy the beautiful countryside and vibrant cities.

The Netherlands ’ education system is interactive, business-driven, and focuses on teamwork. Its high-quality education programs are acknowledged worldwide.

The emphasis of studies at Universities of applied sciences is laid upon professional education rather than scientific research and offers a high rate of graduate employability.

Here are some of the benefits of studying abroad in the Netherlands:

  1. Dutch universities are among the most innovative and modern institutions
  2. High-quality education at a competitive cost
  3. Most Bachelors/ Masters are in the English language
  4. Safe environment for international students
  5. High quality of life
Study in The Netherlands Education Consultants

Our best overseas education consultants typically work with students to make sure that they choose the best program and university for them.

Our overseas education consultants are specialised in your field of study and have experience working with students from India. We provide the best guidance and assistance to students who want to study abroad.

We help Indian students willing to study abroad in the Netherlands with the entire process from admission to visa and provide the necessary documentation for their overseas studies.

Our study abroad consultants in Bangalore are proficient in their respective fields and master the ability to excel in standardised test-taking to cater to our applicants.

Cost to Study in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is home to some of the world’s best universities. The cost to study at a university will vary according to the degree program you wish to study, the ranking of the university, and the stream of education you desire to pursue.

Indian students studying in the Netherlands can pay between 7000 and 9000 Euros per year. Indian students are advised to meet with an expert Netherlands educational consultant at Maven Consulting Services to find universities that best suit their academic goals and meet their budgets. Living costs to study in the Netherlands may vary according to your lifestyle.

Scholarships to Study in The Netherlands

Several universities in the Netherlands offer scholarships for Indian students. When applying for a scholarship in the Netherlands, the best way is to find a legitimate university that offers scholarships to higher education programs.

While there are several scholarship scams targeting Indian students wishing to study in the Netherlands, you are advised to speak to a dedicated Netherlands educational consultant at Maven Consulting Services to help you find available scholarships.

Scholarships may cover tuition only, or full funding or partial funding. Students can find scholarships that best suit their financial needs.

The Netherlands Study Visa Requirements

Students who have been admitted to a university in the Netherlands must have an entry visa (MVV) and a resident permit (VVR). Students must have a valid passport to apply for a visa to study in the Netherlands and an acceptance letter from a university in the Netherlands.

Once students have received their application letter, they can seek help from an expert Netherlands educational consultant at Maven Consulting Services for a complete checklist of all documentation needed to start the visa process. Remember, the Netherlands visa office will also require a detailed study plan, so be sure to have your plans in place.