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Why Study in Canada

Boasting some of the best universities, Canada is undoubtedly one of the most popular study-abroad destinations globally. Thousands of students choose to Study in Canada due to their world-class education, high academic standards in universities, and friendliness towards international students.

Canada is consistently ranked as one of the best countries for quality of life. Also, it is considered one of the top study-abroad destinations for quality academics after Studying in the USA.

Compared to other developed countries, the cost of education and living in Canada is quite lesser. And, this is why Canada is one of the favorite foreign education destinations.

Here are some of the benefits to Study in Canada:

  1. Unparalleled quality academics
  2. Affordable and accommodating
  3. Abundant research opportunities
  4. Excellent quality of life
  5. One of the top peaceful countries
  6. Immigration prospects with easy PR options
Overseas Education Consultants to Study in Canada

International students who choose to study in Canada engage in world-class research guided by internationally acclaimed teaching faculties. We carefully examine each university in Canada to ensure that students are placed in universities that best meet their academic goals.

At Maven Consulting Services, we assist students in the admission process when they are willing to study abroad in Canada. Our abroad education consultants guide students after selection to ensure that they meet the visa requirements to study in Canada.

While Canada is a vast country, students should not feel overwhelmed when searching for accommodation. Our Study in Canada consultants, who boast years of experience in the industry, will help you find the best-suited accommodation for your stay during your Study in Canada.

How much does it Cost to Study in Canada?

Studying abroad can be expensive. However, studying in Canada has proved to be one of the most cost-effective abroad studies destinations. The fees may vary depending on the university you choose. Students willing to study abroad in Canada can expect,

Up to CAD $25,000 per yearUndergraduate Degree
Up to CAD $30,000 per yearMaster’s Degree
Up to CAD $20,000 per year Doctoral Degree
Up to CAD $40,000 per yearMBA Degree

Living expenses will depend on the location you prefer and the type of accommodation that suits you, for example, private, homestay, or on-campus housing.

Most universities allow payment plans to ensure that students who study in Canada can afford their studies.

Scholarship to Study in Canada

Several scholarships are readily available for students who want to study in Canada. Each scholarship has a different set of terms and conditions. For any queries, you can speak to our expert Canada education consultants for the best available scholarships.

Here are some of the most popular scholarships offered for Indian students to study in Canada:

Sr No.Scholarships Name
1Partnership Grants by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
2Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Fellowship Plan
3Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute
4National Research Council of Canada

Students can contact our Overseas Education Counsellor for the best available scholarship information.