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Why Study in Finland

Finland is known as one of Europe’s most modern, most innovative countries, and the education system in Finland is considered one of the best in the world.

Higher education in Finland is divided among universities and universities of applied sciences (also known as polytechnics) and is mostly renowned within the fields of science, research, and technology.

Students who wish to study overseas in Finland must make a note that international scholarship options are available for non-EU/EEA students.

These scholarships are mainly provided by the universities to pay the tuition fee either entirely, partially, and largely based on academic merits depending on the universities. So, make sure to discuss this option with your higher education consultant.

Here are some of the benefits of studying in Finland:

  1. A world-class education system
  2. Second safest country in the world
  3. An educated local population who are highly fluent in English
  4. Modern research universities with marked future orientation
  5. Stunning landscapes and a well-connected transportation network
Education Consultants to Study in Finland

As you may not know everything, the word abroad can present its challenges and difficulties. There are many differences in the education system. The rules and regulations vary from one country to another. Along with college applications, there are many things to consider, such as applying for a scholarship, visa, or educational loan.

Maven Consulting Services, an overseas education consultancy in Bangalore, provides the support and expertise to help you succeed, no matter if you are an undergraduate or a graduate.

Our expert consultant helps you with all your needs, guiding you through the entire process from admission to visa and providing the necessary documentation for your overseas studies.